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Twenty-Fourteen…2014.  Has it sunk in yet?

Seems like the days, weeks and months pass by quicker and quicker every year, though there are times when I think we all wish the time would pass by just a little faster!

So, what the heck am I talking about with the title “Inspiration from an Archive Review” anyway??

In mid-December I started working on a migration of my website.  The current hosting vendor, while okay, has not truly provided the level of sales I was hoping for from my website. Will the new hosting vendor be better?  That is what I am expecting, based on research and real-world information from others I know who are using the hosting vendor.

Many of the image galleries I already had full-size images exported and prepared for upload, but there were a few additional galleries that I wanted to include but had to re-import to my Lightroom library since I had long since archived to Blu-Ray media for long-term storage (sidebar: Blu-Ray media has a 50 year lifetime minimum and each disc can hold 25GB (1 layer), 50GB (2 layer), 75GB (3 layer) or 100GB (4 layer) of data).

As I went through the stack of discs from my archive, I realized this was a perfect opportunity to really review all of my images, not just to see if I had possibly missed an image or two that should be run through post-processing and included in my web-gallery, but more importantly this opportunity should be taken to look at my progression, as an artist, as a photographer, as someone with a creative vision!

Looking at images from 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 (I did not go any further back than 2010 for a number of reasons, but mainly, the images prior to 2010 were not of sufficient quality in my opinion), I marveled as I looked through each photographic outing!  One of my daily goals, since joining the Navy in 1983, was to try each day to do something, however big or small, to become a better person or better my skills in whatever craft I was undertaking!

We all have a creative vision and I truly believe that, at times, we may forget what that vision is or how our vision has developed over the course of time.

My trip down memory lane was very worthwhile and one that reminded me of just how important it is to look back at my body of work and recognize the skills and qualities that I have acquired and improved upon from the beginning of my journey in the world of photography.  Along the journey, there are distinct characteristics to my creative vision and while I embrace what I know and love, this knowledge also gives me a chance to add areas to explore, styles of photography that, while still a part of Landscape & Nature, might live on the fringe edge or just be something I have not attempted in previous photo shoots!

While I am by no means a “Master Photographer,” I do think that this archive review was a great opportunity for me to reflect and I would suggest everyone take the time now, as we begin 2014, to review & reflect on your own creative journey…

…And perhaps do the same for your life!  Perhaps you will recognize some areas of your life where you feel you could improve, or maybe try something a little different to expand your knowledge & skills!

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post!  Remember to Live With Passion! (Thank you Tony Robbins for that quote).