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Last Friday I sent my camera off to Canon for a cleaning and to have sensor spots removed.  Now some photographers have multiple camera bodies which alleviates this whole concept altogether, but the topic is still relevant for time when not out actively shooting!

For me, this is an opportunity to tackle a few items that have been on the to-do list for a little while: 1) research a few of my photo shoot locations planned for Spring, 2) read through the stack of magazines (see image above) to possible come up with ideas for places I may want to go, ideas that may lead to new photo shoot locations, 3) read the gear reviews and perhaps plan for gear purchase(s) in the future.

While the array of magazines may not seem like it would be a worthwhile place to find photo shoot locations, there is always a possibility that an image you will see something that reminds you of some other place you have been which that been previously, thus causing a spark of imagination!

You might also see a composition in one of the magazines that gives you another idea.  The only way to know is to start researching on your own!

This particular week is rather ironic for me, in that CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is about to start in Las Vegas, so there is a plethora of sources for information about products being released or new items that are on the horizon.

If reading or spending time online reviewing gear is not of interest, there is always the option to use tools like The Photographers Ephemeris (TPE) and The Photographers Transit (if you have an iPad) Google Earth, USGS Quad maps, etc. to plan out your next trip.