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This morning, as I started out my day, I began reviewing tweets and other social media tools.  I came across a number of tweets that talked about @ScottKelby‘s decision last August to switch from Nikon to Canon.  For the record, Scott Kelby posted a video to tell why he chose to switch here.

One Tweet I read sort of got me agitated, as it inferred that one brand of equipment was better than the other.  That got me thinking (scary thought I know!), so I decided that perhaps a Blog post with my thoughts on the subject was needed.

My own philosophy with regards to equipment really boils down to a very simple concept: if you love to hold your camera in your hands and capture magnificent images (genre does not matter), then whatever brand of gear you use really makes no difference!

Canon, Nikon, Hasselblad, Leica, Mamiya, Pentax, Sony, Samsung and a host of others all make cameras & lenses that meet someone’s need!  That is, by itself, the main factor in what really matters!  When you use your photography equipment (camera & lenses), you become comfortable and familiar with your equipment.  Should, at some point down the road, you have the opportunity to try out some other brand of equipment and for some amazing reason, you find yourself not wanting to give the equipment back, well…perhaps you might need to research a little and see if maybe switching is something you need to do.

Switching is not cheap and may require a little additional work to get equipment figured out, but it might be something you should do!  Given that thought, maybe something we do as photographers is get complacent, too comfortable with our gear and forget the challenge of making our equipment a tool of our craft!

Having used Nikon in years past, when I began my quest to get back into photography in 2007 after a bit of a break, I bought another Nikon.  It lasted for a while, but then required service to fix an issue.  After receiving the equipment, Nikon’s customer service left a sour taste my mouth and I began looking at options.  For reasons that I cannot really describe, something tuned me towards Canon.

After more research than I probably needed to do, I made my choice and began procuring equipment.  Was my choice in purchasing Canon because it was “the best?”  For me, it was the best equipment to meet my particular needs!  Does that mean that in 8 months or 3 years I won’t look towards Leica or Pentax or Nikon, if I want to take my photography to the next level and some brand other than Canon will meet that need better than Canon?  Not hardly!  Does Brand loyalty mean something?  I’m sure it does…but the bottom line for the business of photography does not revolve around the “brand” of equipment, but rather YOUR ability to use the equipment (tool) to capture magnificent compositions!

Next time you are capturing magnificent images and someone asks you a question about your equipment, perhaps they are in the midst of considering a change in their OWN gear to step up to the next level or challenge themselves!  Remember that sharing our passion is really what we do (pictures!!), but our knowledge is also our passion and the gear that we use is a tool to make our passion come alive!

Our job is not just to be passionate about our craft, but to mentor others!