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The year comes in with a fury and what seems like just a few hours into the year and we are faced with the year winding down and preparing to launch us into the next year.

The older I get, the more I set goals and do my very best to meet or exceed those goals.  As a photographer, you would think that setting goals would be easy.  That concept is about as far from the truth as it could possibly be.  Regardless of the genre of photography, I believe we all try to take our previous successes and step them up a notch or two.  That, however, only speaks to the primary function we perform as photographers.  Today, we live in an age where we use a myriad of tools to get the word out about new work, opportunities, training or learning via social media, email marketing, etc.  How many think that annual goal-setting would include these forms of communication?

If you were to have a printout of every Tweet you sent, Facebook post, G+ entry, Instagram sent, would you be able to notice a trend in the changes you have made throughout the year? Perhaps as subtle as being more efficient in how you communicate; perhaps just utilizing these tools to a larger extent than in the past.

When it comes to the images you have created throughout the course of the year, one thing is for certain…we’re at that time of the year, once again, where we are getting ready to start reviewing your work, to whittle down your list to the 10-12 best of the year!

I look forward to this time as it allows me a chance to assess goals, re-live the years journey and prepare for the coming new year. Jim Goldstein curates an annual “best of…” blog post that has really become quite a fantastic collection of images.

Which images will be your “Best of 2014?”