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The last few weeks have been a blur.  Much as I wish I could have spent much more time outdoors, I’ve not been feeling great.  Over the holidays, I endured three weeks of on & off medical issues that forced me to see my allergy doc.  After visiting with my allergy doc for 45 minutes, doing a slew of labs and getting the first few results, my allergy doc prescribed a modified med plan and a few other things which I won’t get into, but suffice to say, I’m not taking this lying down!!!

While I have not spent much time in my happy place (the great outdoors) the last few weeks, I have been pondering ideas and planning a couple of photography trips coming soon.  I also have a longer-term project I’ve been working on that continues to drive me nuts, to find just the right composition elements and location.  Eventually (being the stubborn ‘dutch-swede’ that I am. LOL) I will find the right location that has the elements I desire!!!

On Saturday, 17 Jan 2015, I felt a need to get out and start exploring.  Not only did I need to find the location, but I wanted to see the progress made on repairing US-34 from Loveland to Estes Park.  The temporary roadway is actually pretty amazing and I’m sure that once the roadway is finished, the chance of having flood related issues again should be minimized to the maximum.

On my quest to find “the composition location,” I drove around in Rocky Mountain National Park, going in through the Beaver Meadows entrance, up Bear Lake Road exploring the various off-shoots (Cub lake, Fern lake area, Moraine Park, Sprague Lake, Hollowell Park), then back to up to Deer Mountain Trailhead and down through Horseshoe Park area and back out through Fall River entrance/exit.  Over the course of exploring, I found a couple of spots that may well work for what I am wanting to do.

As I dropped down into the Horseshoe Park area, the light was pretty spectacular for mid-afternoon, so stopped, grabbed my camera and got to pressing the shutter button!  After doing post-processing on the image, using both a black + white version


and color version,


then asking the public for their opinion, as much as I love black + white, the color version really conveyed exactly what I saw at that particular moment!

What surprises me most when looking at both the black + white and the color images is that they are the same image, just processed in B+W or in color.  I may re-do the post-processing of the black+white using my larger 27″ monitor to see if I can make the black + white work better from a tonal perspective.

The next few weeks will be spent looking over other locations up the Cache Le Poudre canyon to the north of Rocky Mountain National Park and a few spots in the Indian Peaks Wilderness to the south of Rocky Mountain National Park as well as anywhere else I happen to be that will meet my need.