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Freelance Photographer living the dream on a daily basis!  Growing up and living in Colorado has been the best catalyst a photographer could ever need to become inspired & motivated.

Within a day’s drive, I can be in any number of National Parks, Wilderness Areas and other incredible scenic locations where some of the most amazing imagery is available!  I routinely take advantage of this luxury to fulfill my need for time in the great outdoors!

One of my biggest influences is my Maternal Grandfather (Vincent J. Schaefer).  His absolute love for the outdoors rubbed off on me quite a bit!  To this day, whenever I am out hiking to my next photo shoot location, I can hear my grandfather telling a story about what was fascinating for that particular area or some other story that related to the area!
Every opportunity I have to go out and capture the magic of great outdoors, I learn something new and strive to become a master photographer! In the meantime, I have the distinct pleasure of spending as much time as I can in the great outdoors, seeking out the compositions that tell a story!

If there is a particular composition you are looking for, but are not finding in my gallery, please contact me so I can add that to my list or work with you to capture that image in a private photo shoot.



8 thoughts on “About USKestrel Photography”

  1. Melania Thompson said:

    Hi. I’ve been trying to find out some info about the tundra in CO. We will be taking a motorcycle ride out there later this week, and I’m really hoping I get to see the tundra in bloom. We will be using Breckenridge as a ‘home base’ for day rides the 20th – 23rd, and Estes Park as our base for rides the 24th – 27th. Can you tell me if I should be able to see the flowers in bloom then? Any hints on the best places near our bases to ride/flower viewing?
    I really appreciate any tips/info you can provide me with.

    • Hello Melania,
      Most wildflower activity seems to be happening statewide right now; Estes might be beyond peak when you get there…however, we are still getting a fair amount of moisture on a consistent basis, so who really knows!?

      I will keep my eyes open and reply closer to your trip!

      I’ll reply with more details later. What type of motorcycle are you riding (street touring or dual sport adventure)?

      • Melania Thompson said:

        Thanks for the info. We have a Yamaha Royal Star tour Deluxe. Our friends have a Harley Ultra Classic.

      • Okay…that makes suggestions much easier (one, I used to ride an Ultra and two, Dual-Sport bikes can go damn near anywhere!).

        During Breckenridge stay…
        1) Breckenridge to Aspen to Summit of Independence Pass to Twin Lakes to Buena Vista to Fairplan to Breckenridge (3/4 day’s, 264 miles or so)
        2) Breckenridge to Minturn to Leadville to Frisco to Breckenridge (1/3 day’ish, 117 miles or so)
        3) Breckenridge to Kremmling to Winter Park to Breckenridge (1/2 day’ish, 165miles or so)

        During Estes Park stay…
        1) (and this might seem backwards, but makes FAR more sense if you live here). Estes Park to Blackhawk to Berthoud to Winter Park to Grand Lake to Estes Park over Trail Ridge Road (190 miles, Full day)
        2) Other rides are really a crap shoot…lots of options

        NOTE: There IS road construction on US-36 between Lyons & Estes Park as well as from US-34 from Loveland to Estes Park. Be prepared for a myriad of delays and/or dirt road sections.

        Great resource: http://www.cotrip.org

  2. Melania Thompson said:

    p.s. I love looking at your photos, and hope to take some good ones myself. I’m new to this type of photography, but am super excited to have such beautiful landscapes to experiment with my new Nikon D3200!! 🙂 So far, I’ve managed to take a few nice ones on ‘auto’. LOL

  3. Melania Thompson said:

    THANKS so much!! The guys left this morning on the bikes, and we fly out tomorrow. So excited! Fantastic to have route suggestions from someone who lives there, too.
    I’ve actually decided to leave behind the D3200 due to space constrictions, but am going to take my old, much smaller point-and-shoot Cannon S3 IS. No where near the same, but hopefully will still get some good shots. Next time (maybe in the car), I’ll take the other one along. Plus, I really know next to nothing about the Nikon, so I can be better prepared next trip! 🙂 Thanks, again!!!

  4. I KNOW we will!! Thanks! 🙂

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